A mini, mini beauty haul from Sally's

I had to restock up on some of my fave hair products, so I made a quick run to Sally's on my lunch break. While I was in there, I browsed their nail polish and makeup selection since I had two buy 1, get 1 free coupons for their Savvy brand. I've tried the Savvy nail polishes before and they're actually pretty good. They don't chip really easily like some other bargain brands I've tried.

(l) Deep Passion, (r) Red Caviar.

I then picked out a couple of lip glosses. The selection wasn't that big, but I did find a couple of colors that I liked:

(top) Copper Frost (bot) Truffle. Swatches of the lip colors


Rai said...

I like those lipcolors.

TeeThymeDiva said...

cute colors! I did a big purge so I need to stock up as well. Thanks for the link to the coupon!

The Cheap Chica said...

thanks, ladies. I"m wearing the deep passion polish right now. it's okay. i was expecting a deep dark burgundy though.

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