Recent purchases: My last purchases of 2008

Yesterday, while I had the day off, I ventured over to the mall to check out the sales. There wasn't anything in particular that I was looking for, so I just popped into a couple of stores. The first store I went to was Payless, where I used my 15% off coupon to buy a couple pairs of shoes:

purple pumps $9 and gray booties $10; with coupon $16.15

Then, I walked into Wet Seal to check out some new merchandise, but they didn't really have anything new that I liked other than this unicorn tunic top. I like how Marian over at House of Style blog wore her unicorn top, and I think I'm going to wear mine with a pair of skinnies and my boots I got for Christmas.

top $17.50

Last but not least, my gold Guess clutch that I won off Ebay for $2.99. It arrived in the mail yesterday, just in time for the New Year's party I went to last night.

What were your last purchases of 2008?


TeeThymeDiva said...

Last purchase of 2008 was some fabric. I admit I have an addiction!

budget chic said...

Nice score on the Guess Clutch and gray booties!

The Cheap Chica said...

@ teetyme- that's going to be my goal for this year is to learn how to sew. i heard it was easy

@budget chic- thanks!

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