Star style under $150: Kim Kardashian

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Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, but the girl can dress her ass off. This is a really cute, simple look she has going on. In this pic, she is wearing a pair of Anlo high waist jeans, topped with a cute black ruffle blouse. For the price of the jeans alone, you can take that and recreate her whole outfit on the cheap.

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  1. ruffle blouse $21, Kohls
  2. high waist jeans $20, Victoria's Secret
  3. oversized sunglasses $7.50, Wet Seal
  4. belt $14, NY & Co.
  5. cut-out sandals $20, Target
  6. bag $35, Forever 21

GRAND TOTAL= $117.50


TeeThymeDiva said...

Now this is my kind of outfit! Too bad those pants don't come in my size, according to the size chart. This is one that I may have duplicate.

Anonymous said...

Great Finds!

Budget Babe said...

great look, she really does have great style when she's not too hoochie!

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