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Abaeté for Payless Wyatt Gladiator Slingback

While everyone's lusting over Gabriel, I have my eyes on Wyatt. Yeah, they're similar, but I love the color of this shoe. I need a nude colored shoe to add to my wardrobe anyway. Can't wait until spring rolls around. I can picture myself wearing these with a floaty chiffon top and skinnies, or a floral maxi dress. Hmm, I wonder if my local store have them yet.


Anonymous said...

I saw those, very hot!

Budget Babe said...

ya know, i was hooked on the Gabriel at first but now i think I'm a Wyatt convert! oh and payless.com is totally sold out of the Gabriel in my size, and none of the stores near me carry these designer lines, so looks like i'll be ordered the Wyatt!!

Anonymous said...

Have been rocking my black sued shoe bootie heels all winter. Love the Payless!

FYI, you can use your AAA card at any Payless for an additional discount . I think it's supposed to be applied to "regular" merchandise only, but most associates will discount all purchases.

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