The 5 Clearance Commandments

Greetings Chicas!

This is Tira, and I hope everyone is having a fab morning!

Here’s a little more about me that you did not know. I am one of ten children. This contributed to me becoming a thrifty chica. Since I was a child, I clipped coupons, went to the thrift store, and lived for sales. Like I said, I was a recessionista before it became a trend. One of my favorite parts of shopping is browsing the clearance racks/aisles/shelves.

The common misconception with clearance is that it’s defective, or damaged in some way, and that generally isn’t true. If and when most retailers sell items that are damaged or defective, they will mark them “as is” and list whatever the issue with the item is. Clearance items are usually marked down as a result of the need for shelf space, or because there have been too many in inventory for too long.

Thou shall recognize the signs of clearance. Clearance will have a different colored sticker than regular priced merchandise. It might be all grouped together on racks or shelves together with a sign. Knowing where it is will save you time when going through the store. I think Wal-Mart keeps any clearance that isn’t clothes all together in the back of the store, but Target puts clearance on back end caps, and the clothing is with the clothing on separate racks. Walgreens uses big bright orange stickers that are SUPER easy to recognize.

Thou shall be picky. This is a big one. Just because it’s marked down, doesn’t mean you need it. If you buy 5 shirts at 75% off, and you don’t wear them, they are merely taking up space. Don’t try to convince yourself that you’re going to give them away, or wear them next year. Ask yourself if you really need them, and if not . . . leave them on the rack of the next chica to cop.

Though shall be aware. Certain big department stores have systematic approaches to clearance. Keep an eye on what has been marked down, and what percentage. This is for hardcore clearance shoppers. Some big department stores do special markdowns right after a major shopping holiday like Christmas, Easter, and Halloween. The very next day the seasonal items are 50% off, and some stores even go to 90%. Stock up on items for the next year if you can afford the storage space. Also, many stores have online clearance. Just be careful that the shipping costs don’t wipe out your savings. I just caught a deal on Sears’ website on a few pairs of shoes. There was an additional 30% off of clearance, and the shipping was only 7 bucks, so I still made out pretty nicely.

Thou shall ask. Now, I reviewed the difference between “as is” and clearance, but it never hurts to ask. Also, if you need more items, the store may be able to tell you if another store has more, or if there are more located in the backroom. Just be aware that clearance at one LOCATION of a store may not be marked down as much at another store. Remember we said clearance is based on inventory? Also, one size might be clearance because it sold better than another size. That’s a sticky one, but good to know.

Thou shall not hesitate. We like to ponder, debate, and deliberate over purchases, but sometimes clearance can’t be afforded that luxury. Sometimes it’s better to buy that shoe, comforter set, whatever. Get it home, and return it later if it’s not going to work out. Especially shoes! Don’t leave that size 8 shoe marked 50% off at the store. Do you know how many other people wear that size? It may not be there when you come back. I’ve had my heart broken like that before.

So there ya go. My Big 5 Commandments. I hope this helps you guys!

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