Cheap chicalicious tip of the day

Do you frequently shop a certain store, but want to save money everytime you go there? Consider signing up for one of their discount cards. Some of them are free to join and there are some that require you to pay a small fee for membership, but hey, if you're constantly shopping at that particular store, the card will pay for itself. I myself have about three discount cards - the Seal Deal Club card from Wet Seal, CVS Extra Care card, and Sally's Beauty card.

  • Seal Deal Club card from Wet Seal: For one year, you save 10% off your purchase everytime you shop in-store and online. Now, the card costs $20 for membership, so my suggestion would be to wait until you have a big purchase so the card pays for itself. Wet Seal also have promotions from time to time exclusively for Seal Deal Club members, for even more savings.

  • Sally's Beauty Club card: I like the perks of this card the most. For $5, you can get a year's membership. When you first sign up for the card, Sally's give you a $5 gift certificate/coupon (I think you have to spend $25? I can't remember) to use the following month after you sign up. When you spend over $25 in a month, Sally's will also email you a 15% off reward certificate to use. There's really no set discount that you get off. It varies depending on the item. Below is how you determine your discount price. You can sign up for a card here.

  • CVS ExtraCare card: Membership is free and you can sign up in-store or online. As part of your membership, every time you purchase something, you earn back 2% for non-prescription purchases and $1 for every two prescriptions purchased (Extra Care Bucks). You can also earn Extra Care Bucks on select brands that are in the weekly ad. Those earnings are rewarded quarterly and rewards are paid out four times a year- January, April, July, and October. A lot of their weekly ad promotions require you to have the card if you want the sale price, so hey, why not sign up for it? It's free.

What discount cards do you have?


TeeThymeDiva said...

We have the Sally's card (made DH get his own!!) and CVS as well.

Anonymous said...

my friend , karen, swears by her beall's outlet card.

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