Do you shop more when Aunt Flo's in town?

A study revealed that in the ten days before their periods begin - known as the luteal phase - women are much less in control of their spending habits.
Psychologists at Hertfordshire University concluded that a shopping spree could be a way of dealing with the intense emotions of pre-menstrual syndrome, which affects around 90 per cent of women each month.
Professor Karen Pine, who conducted the study of 443 women aged between 18 and 50, said: 'The later women were in their menstrual cycle, the more likely they were to have overspent
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I know I tend to pig out when it's that time of the month, but I don't think I ever went on an emotional shopping spree. I wouldn't want to try on clothes that time of the month being bloated and all, lol. What do you think about the study? Do you shop more when it's that time of the month?


SoHo Accessories said...

I tend to eat more at that time of the month. I love to shop so for me it doesn't depend on "Aunt Flo's" visit..lol

jenn said...

Ha ha, I told my husband about this and he said that I go through waves of shopping so it must be true...for me at least. :)

budget chic said...

I never need a reason to shop, in fact I create reasons to shop! LOL

Dwana said...

No I tend to stay indoors as if it's a sin to be outside...or there are invisible vampires. Not sure why I do this seriously. I just try to stay in for my 3 day cleanse.

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