More Norma Kamali at Wally World

By the time I checked out Norma Kamali's line for Wally World the first time around, everything was almost sold out. My size was nowhere to be found, and of course, my local Walmart didn't carry the line. Now, she's back with a few new pieces and I'm going to make sure I grab something before they're gone again.
norma kamali for walmart
A. straight leg white jeans $15: I want a pair of white skinny or straight leg jeans for spring. This pair looks a bit flared- not so straight. I have to see these in person and then decide if I want to get them or not.

B. double-breasted trench $30: Although I'm not going to need this coat now, I can save it for next fall/winter. Trenches are classic and never go out of style and $30 is a great price. I think I'm going to definitely get it.

C. All-in-One jersey top $20: this needs to be in every Cheap Chica's wardrobe. A top that can be worn six different ways. I'll take it.

D. full gingham shirt $20: I'm all about the full skirts this coming spring. I already have a couple of floral ones in my closet, so gingham would be something different.

Check out more from NK here.


TeeThymeDiva said...

okay... so I checked out some of her pieces at my local Wally world. All I have to say it, try everything one!! I tried the wrap dress. Was cute on the hanger, but that was about it. I tried on the XL and mind you, I am not over-endowed, but the girls were very visible!! Just remember, try all the pieces on....

new era said...

i love white jeans i think it;s applicable to me. do you have a small size? i rea;;y like the style. i hope you have lots of stuck,


budget chic said...

That line has some great stuff, I like a few of the "old school teacher" blouses with the bow tie at the neck

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