Correction: Penny appetizers and dollar entrees @ TGIFridays

***Thanks Anonymous for pointing that out, lol***
My aunt, Pearlie is the best. She always send me the best coupons. This time, she sent me two coupons to TGIFridays- one for $0.01 appetizers when you buy a beverage at the bar and one for $1 entree with the purchase of an entree. How cool is that? Now, I'm going to share them with you guys. To find a TGIFridays near you, click here. To view their menu, click here. Click on the link below for the coupons. Thanks Pearlie!

TGIFridays coupons


Dwana said...

Tell your aunt to stop playing and bring her behind to NJ. This is an awesome deal especially when you have a small family that likes to go out once a week during these hard times. She officially rocks. I don't care for their food all that much but for 0.1 to $1.00 it's delicious!

I wonder if they both can be used during the same visit?

Anonymous said...

Hey Chica,

The coupons are for TGIFriday's, not Ruby Tuesdays.

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