Suavenomics: Taking the Suave challenge pt.4

For the past few weeks, I've pushed my Secret Platinum deodorant to the side and decided to try the Suave 24-hour Protection Invisible Solid. While I liked it's odor and wetness protection qualities, it's claim of being an invisible solid are somewhat untrue. Although it glides on kind of clear, by the end of the day, the armpits on all of my shirts had residue left on them. That's pretty much the only thing I didn't like about it. It's a pretty good deodorant overall. In this Florida weather, you need a good antiperspirant and this does the job. Hey, for a little over two bucks, why not?

I got my Suavenomics coupon in the mail yesterday. I got a bottle of Apricot Exfoliation body wash with mine. It is now my new favorite.


becca greene said...

i tried suave deoderant to save a few bucks and was terribly disappointed by its wetness protection as opposed to my usual deoderant. i like to save money and usually have no problems with generics but found suave deoderant not to be a good as more expensive products

Keli said...

I've always used suave, the other stuff is way too strong...I don't have any problem with sweating or odor. But I guess it depends upon one's body chemistry.

Lisa said...

I sweat like a horse, and I like the Suave deordorant.

I love Suave body lotion, which even helps my eczema, body wash, and shampoo (doesn't damage my color-treated hair), so I'm a devoted fan. :)

Anonymous said...

this florida fitness instructor has the best luck with ban invisible solid, the one in the bring green tube.
it's cheap and if i "cheat" and try another brand, i can tell the diff.
walgreen's has on sale lots.... use coups and get it almost free..

another good tip for coupon queens and kings from my freind , jennifer, get a few extra sunday papers.

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