Ten emergency (not to mention cheap) fashion fixes

I found these helpful tips on the Good Housekeeping blog. Some of these tips I've tried before, but a couple of them (like #2) I would have to keep in mind next time I''m stuck in a fashion rut.

1. Rub a bar of soap on the teeth of a stuck zipper to help it glide.

2. Reattach a loose button with the metal wire from a twist tie. Peel away the paper, insert the wire through the button and fabric, and twist to secure.

3. Blot out a stain on your collar with a wet sponge or terry-cloth towel (not a paper towel, which can shred), or cover it up with a pretty scarf.

4. Wipe away static cling with a used dryer fabric softener sheet on your garment, or run your hands over a new sheet and lightly go over the fabric.

5. Temporarily fix a fallen hem with masking or double-sided fabric tape to hold up the seam until you can sew it later on.

6. Remove fresh deodorant marks by rubbing them with a wet, well-wrung washcloth or damp towel.

7. Push in a sweater pull with a fine needle or pin through the fabric to the back.

8. Blast away water spots on silk and wool with a gentle steam burst from your iron. Hold it above, not directly on, the fabric.

9. Touch up worn spots and scuffs on leather shoes and bags with a matching permanent marker. Buff well with a paper towel to remove excess that might rub off.

10. Brush up matted, stained suede with a scrub sponge. It should be barely damp — not drippy.

What are some of your emergency fashion fixes?


makaveli said...

thanks for sharing those tips! i learn a lot and it gives me a lot of sense. but i wonder if i can use a candle rather than a soap on the teeth of a stuck zipper to help it glide? keep it up.


The Cheap Chica said...

^^^i've heard of using candle wax, too.

Cory Weed said...

today, the botton on my jeans popped off, so i took a paper clip, made it into a pokey, and stuck it through where the button was, then i put in through the button hole and twisted it so it was secure. i hope that made sense. lol. if you tried it out, you'd know what i mean. [:

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