The Cheap Chica reads: All You Magazine

I have a few subscriptions to some major magazines- Glamour, Cosmo, Marie Claire, yada yada, but I think I need to add All You Magazine to the list. I didn't really pay attention to All You until earlier this year, and now I pick it up everytime I go to Wally World. All You is geared toward the value-driven consumer and it offers great affordable and pratical solutions for every area of life. One thing I really like about the magazine is that if has a LOT of coupons. This month's coupons have a total savings of over $51 (I've featured a few of them a couple of weeks ago) and the May issue has a total savings of over $89. Lots of savings indeed. Other articles of interest in the April issue:

  • Tips for making your clothes last longer
  • How to go green and save money at home
  • designer spring looks for bargain prices
  • Salon and spa experience recreated at home
  • The top swap sites and how to use them

All You can be found only at Walmart or by subscription. Do you read All You?

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TeeThymeDiva said...

Don't be slipping on All You!! I love that mag!!

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