Why buy cutoff shorts when you can DIY?

On a recent shopping trip to Old Navy with my cousin:

Cousin: *spots a table of shorts* I like these, I'm going to try these on.

Me: You're going to spend twenty bucks on a pair of shorts with the legs lopped off? Girl, you can make those yourself.

Cousin: I know, but I like these.

Me: Okay.

The shorts that she bought:

cute shorts, but you can make them yourself

Cutoff shorts are so easy to make- very easy to make. Yeah, the pair that my cousin bought were only $20, but why buy those when you can chop the legs off one of many pairs of old jeans you have lying around? I'm not knocking Old Navy or any other retailer out there that - get that money, but I just don't understand.

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--Mrs.Christina said...

I will break out a pair of scissors or the sewing machine in a minute. my favorite saying is "I Can Make That Myself!"

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