Winter Blues in the Spring...

Hey Chicas!!

It's snowing in April, what part of the game is that? I didn't have much work to do today, and my mother is going to Arizona for a week long vacation, so I decided to hit up Gabriel Brothers with her today for some last minute shopping. For those of you who don't know, Gabriel Brothers (or Gabe's) is affiliated with Rugged Warehouse. They're both stores that sell deeply discounted items from various department stores. Here are my finds: BTW,excuse the quality of these pics. . .I used my Blackberry because my camera wasn't around

Heart/Bow Earrings $2.99

$4.99 I love the colors of this purse, I can see it with a full skirt in the summer time. The detail is lovely. According to the tag it was originally from Charlotte Russe.

I got 2 pairs of Anne Michelle shoes. I think these were my favorite purchases of the day.

The bottom pair looks lilac, but they're really gray. The brown were $6.99 and the gray were marked down to $7

I remember seeing this dress at Anne Taylor last summer. It was marked $24.99 but Gabe's marked all Anne Taylor $9.99 today.

I think the print of this skirt is crazy. The main reason I purchased it was because it matches a tank that I bought, as well as a necklace I have somewhere.

I'm on the full skirt bandwagon. I love the colors in this skirt. I'm picturing it with my bright yellow cardigan from Old Navy for starters.


TeeThymeDiva said...

what size are you?? coming to raid your closet!!!!

Tira said...

Lol. I seriously need to unload some stuff. I need to get up with a swap site. ASAP

AlyMew said...

The earrings look cute! I don't know what you're talking about the picture quality sucking. That's pretty sweet quality to get from a phone. =]

Goodbuygal said...

Love that Ann Taylor dress!!!

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