Dots, Marshalls, Target~ Plus big news!

Hey, hey Chicas!

I've been up to some good things, my life is very exciting right about now. I got a new job, so this time next month I will officially be an East Coast Chica!!! Also, Big and I will be ending the long distance aspect of our relationship. Will we make it? Time will tell. . . now on to my shopping!

I spied a beautiful turquoise howlite ring at Target, with a necklace to match:

Cheap Chica posted a Dots survey a while back, and I took full advantage. The reward for filling out the survey was a $10 coupon in the store. I bought a skirt, got it home and didn't like it, so I returned for this funky yellow and brown number:

I think it'll be fly with cute sandals and a simple tee.

Then I had a dress to return to Marshalls. I lost the receipt so I was unable to get my cash, but I exchanged it for a cutesy strapless denim dress that I'm picturing with cute sandals and short sweaters . Besides the ruffly detail, I love the fact that I can dress it up and down. It's about mid- calf on me, showing off my tattoo.

I told myself I wasn't going to buy anything, but this simple gray dress caught my eye:

If you haven't noticed, I'm all about skirts and dresses this summer. I can't wait for the weather to warm up and for summer to officially arrive.


The Cheap Chica said...

i love the strapless denim dress. i'm all about dresses and skirts too.

Rai said...

You found some cute stuff!
I've never heard of Dots.

budget chic said...

I see alot great stuff here chica! You been quite busy I see ;-)

budget chic said...

....also congrats on your new job, you currently live in the southeast right? I'm excited for you, hope it opens up new and promising opportunities for you!

Tira said...

Thanks budget chic! I actually live in Ohio now, and I'm so ready for the new opportunity.

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