Official! East Coast Chica

Hey ladies, I've been kind of quiet lately. If you remember, I got a new job, and I relocated to the East Coast. I can't wait until the craziness dies down, and I can begin blogging again. I haven't been doing too much shopping, but I do have a few things to blog about soon.

Are any of you ladies from the East Coast? I know it's an expensive place to live, but I'd like to know about your favorite stores, restaurants, and budget friendly summer adventures. Also, where can I find great vintage/thrift shopping in the NY/NJ area? Help me out, chicas!


Dwana said...

It depends on what county were talking about...or surrounding counties.

couture said...

i'm in nj..about 10 min from nyc :D are you interested in only thrift stores? i know a few good "outlet" type stores and others that are just plain cheap ;)

Tira said...

Hey ladies...I'm living in Jersey City and training in Brooklyn for the next month or so. :)

Anonymous said...

-Neccessary clothing
-HM ( but you know that)
-Conways ( I LOVE IT )
-There is this huge store in Harlem on 125th st that has EVERYTHING. I forget the name. But 125th st is the bomb. just walk it and you will find alot of deals

Tira said...

Thanks for responding. I'm going to check out that store on 125th!

The Cheap Chica said...

congrats again tira!

Yasmin said...

Beacon's closet in BK is a great thrift store. there's one in williamsburg and a bigger one in park slope. google them, they have a website.

Anonymous said...

You will LOVE LOVE LOVE these two stores:
-- Daffy's

and Century 21

I used to live in Manhattan..sigh... I miss it so... Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

The store on 125th is near the Mac store on 7th Avenue, take the escalator upstairs. It used to be called Price Mart. I forget the current name as well. I also love Conways, they have stores all over the city. I particularly like the two stores on 34th Street, and the one at 35th and Broadway. I also like Strawberry and K&G.

Dee said...

Ok there is Phat Albert in Brooklyn(Prospect Park. Take the B/Q Train to prospect park and it's right across the street)

I have found a couple of Diane Von Furtsenburg dresses there for $24.00 yup but there shoes can be pretty pricey. A pair of Marc Jacobs shoes can cost you btw $45.50(if on sale) to $60(regular price)

There is this store around spanish harlem, I don't know the name of the store but it's located btw 103rd street and 104 street. Take the 6 train to 103 and lexington and it's right there. I scored a pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes for $20 and sometimes it can be 20% of 20 bucks yup.

Beacon's closet is ok coz some of their stuff can be pricey but you can get brand new clothes really cheap. I scored a pair of Rock and Republic Navy and Gold shoes for $23 brand new with tags lol. I hope I have been able to help you oh and there's Housing Works in down town Manhattan

Tira said...

Thank you, thank you so much ladies! I'm so excited about exploring these places. I take the PATH train from WTC everyday, so I'm going to check out Century 21 tomorrow. The other places are added to my list of places to see.

pretty eastern said...

I second the daffy's and C21 mentions, you gotta go there often for the best deals. If you're in midtown, try De Janeiro (Lexington, between 44th & 45th), Bolton's (42nd st, between Park and Lex), and Zara, Strawberry (both on 42nd), they're all worth checking out. If you go to the Fulton st. area downtown, there are smaller shops nearby with random cute things too.