Throw a denim vest over your cute dress

So, I love the outfit that I recreated in the Estelle post, and Tira reminded me that denim jackets and maxi dresses work well together. Yes yes, I totally agree, but I thought about it- denim jackets will not work in this hot, muggy, too hot for the devil Florida heat (at least not for me). What will work is a cute, worn-in denim vest over a cute dress a la' Sienna Miller:

pic via InStyle

So, to switch up from wearing cropped cardigans and boleros over my strapless and spaghetti strap maxi and sundresses, I'm going to go the denim vest route. I recently found one on Ebay for $5.

Here are couple more that I found from Forever 21 and Mango

Chicalicious tip: Scour your local thrift stores for worn in, vintage denim vests


Tira said...

I love, love, love the vest! Very Boho chic.

budget chic said...

They got a few of these jacket on clearance at Max Rave for $8 dollars. I have one that I bought in my twenties back in 80s, I guess you could consider that vintage now and I still have it! It don't fit me anymore though.

budget chic said...

I saw the jacket to this vest at Max Rave for $8 on the clearance rack. This is total 80s throwback. I had one of these vest back in the day except mine was longer.

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