Faux denim leggings

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I'm starting to see faux denim leggings pop up everywhere now and I'm thinking about getting a pair. I like the ones that kind of look like jeans but don't have that faux denim finish like Paris' leggings. Fake pockets? C'mon y'all. And although Paris Hilton kinda pulls off wearing her Niki Biki leggings as jeans, I still think leggings should be worn with a longer top/tunic or a dress. What do you think about faux denim leggings? Would you wear them? Here are a few that I've found that I've found for under $25.


STYLEnosh said...

Hmmm...denim leggings are a risky proposition. I like the way Bey wore her pair. I even like the short t-shirt that Paris paired her leggings with. However, I don't really like the faux pocket look. It's borderline cheesy. I think this is one of those trends that will look bad on most people. Proceed with caution....

Veronica said...

A little off the subject..where can i find a white jacket similar to the one Beyonce is wearing, i am loving it!

Dwana said...

I think they look great. Especially with a nice shirt. HOWEVER, if you have no shape (extremely thin) you have no rights in the fashion world. It looks tacky.

Would I wear them? Not 100%. Like I said they wouldn't look as bad if they were paired with curves.

Parish...a huge no no. More sickly than fashionable but this IS P. Hilton!

Beyonce` was OK. While she gets a pass, I would have looked for more bluish than grayish. Not a total fail. Maybe if she changed tops?

Anna looked the best. Perfect top and accessories.

Chic$tylez Personal Shopping said...

For me, I wouldnt wear them but I have a friend that wore a stonewash pair on July 4th to a party and they were fierce. I guess it depends on the person

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