MJ tees @ Rue 21

I've been trying to find a Michael Jackson tee everywhere (one that's under $20 thank you very much), and I had no luck. Then, I got an email that Rue 21 is now carrying them for $12.99! Awesome. Here are a few that I like:

You can't order them online, so you'll have to find a store near you. Viva la Michael!


janelle said...

Oh yay! I've been searching for an MJ tee but haven't fallen in love with any of the designs. For $12.99 these will work!

Dwana said...

After seeing this post I skated to my closest Rue 21! Unfortunately, they had no xs left so I snagged the only small left...and $83 later my husband and I (baby in tow) walked out happy. I never shopped there before but they have A LOT of nice things and they are pretty cheap. Thanks for the heads up keep them coming!

The Cheap Chica said...

yea, rue 21 have some pretty cute things. i don't go there that much because the only one we have is too far. hopefully, by the time i decide to go, they'll have some more mj shirts left, lol.