Reader question: Where to find a white blazer

A comment/question from post "Faux denim leggings"...

A little off the subject..where can i find a white jacket similar to the one Beyonce is wearing, i am loving it!- Veronica

Aaah, the white blazer- one of this summer's wardrobe staples. Veronica, girl, I love Beyonce's jacket too- exaggerated shoulders and all. But, you know Ms. B's white hot Balmain blazer is a month's salary for us common folk, and in CC's world, that's a no no. Until we hit the lottery to afford that Balmain jacket, check out some of these blazers that I've found for under $100.

twill blazer $17.99 Old Navy

City style two-button jacket $29.97 NY & Co.

Merona Collection twill jacket $39.99 Target

blazer $24.99 Mango

Ivy League jacket $54.50 G by Guess

white blazer $89.99 Banana Republic


Hope said...

i found a blazer too! but will i be able to wear it into the fall ?

Veronica said...

Thank you so much, CC ;) I will be on the lookout for a bargain!

budget chic said...

I bought a fab white blazer from Walmart like 2 years ago and still have not wore it. Now you are encouraging me to pull it out!

Chic$tylez Personal Shopping said...

Thrift stores are a great option too, especially for the shoulder pads!

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