(UPDATE) Starbucks Fans!! Get Your Free Pastry

Who doesn't like a freebie???

Next Tuesday (7/21), Starbucks will be giving each customer a free pastry with the purchase of a prepared drink (expresso, coffee, frapp, etc.) until 10:30 a.m.

**You must bring in an invitation either printed from the website, or show the invite on your mobile device**

Click to print your invitation:

Or open this page in a mobile device and show your barista:

* Pastries included in offer are: Muffins, Scones, Bagels, Croissants, Rolls, Breads, Pound Cakes, Morning Bun, Coffeecakes, Cheese Danish, Apple Fritter, Doughnuts, Tarts, Pies, Gluten Free Orange Valencia Cake, Tropical Paradise Bar.

Of course this deal is while supplies last. Check with your local Starbucks for participation.

My favorite morning pastry from Starbucks is the cheese danish, and my afternoon fave is the lemon pound cake. . .what's yours?


Dwana said...

Banana Nut Loaf and a Venti Vanilla Latte` mmmmmm

Fabuless Beauty said...

Thanks for the heads up! I'm going to mark my calendar!

budget chic said...

Too bad I'm back on my diet. I wish they would reduce their drinks though

Dwana said...

budget chic: Make it work for you, chile! Opt for a tall soy flavored drink (skinny is NAS'TA!!! Don't let them talk you into it) and since it's free, eat 1/4 or 1/2 of the pastry. Just make sure you throw out the rest immediately! Break it off and throw away the rest. I'm sure you won't eat from the trash but a wrapped up or refrigerated pastry seems mighty tempting.

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