Cheap Chica beauty: Leopard nails

So I've decided to stop being lazy and do something interesting with my nails. Bargain Princess has a tutorial on how to get the leopard nails look (Barganista also followed the tutorial and her nails look awesome!) , so I decided to give it a try.

Polishes used:

  • gold- Pure Ice "Jaguar" $2
  • black- NYC #119A $1
  • copper- CQ "Blazin' Copper" $2(?)
  • top coat- Wet N' Wild clear top coat $1

all these polishes were purchased from WalMart, but you don't have to use these same exact colors.

Tools used:
  • a piece of paper to drop polish on
  • toothpick
First, I did a layer of the gold polish for the base. I don't use a base coat, but if you want to use a base coat that's totally up to you.

Second, I took a couple drops of the copper and dotted it on the paper. Then, I took my toothpick, dipped it in the polish and made spots on my nails. The spots don't have to be perfect.

I then took a couple of drops of the black polish and dotted it on the paper. Using my toothpick again, I made what I describe as "backward c's" on the edge of the copper spots.

Top it off with your clear top coat and you're done! Very simple, huh?


Tira said...

Get it, girl! Very cute.

becca greene said...

very cool looking

Anonymous said...

=D That is really cute!

chantal1922 said...

Cute! Now that I see how easy it is I want to try it! Thanks

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this -- i tried it out last night + love it! (gotta love when yourn ails match your shoes, right?)

Recessionista! said...

Ooooh, I am loving this!!! You're totally inspiring me to try some nail art. :)

Poster Girl said...

Love this! Wish I had the steady hands to do this!

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