Reader question: A cheaper alternative to Miu Miu Double Cross sandals

Hi CC,
Question...any idea where I can locate the cheap version of the Miu Miu Double Cross Platform Sandals??
- Veronica

Lovely shoe. The price, not so much. The Miu Miu Double Cross platform sandal has been seen on the feet of every celeb this summer from Lauren Conrad to Sophia Bush. I'd rock this shoe also if it weren't for the fact that this it costs almost as much as my bi-weekly paycheck, but hope is not lost. There is a cheaper version of this shoe (I've looked everywhere, and I only found this one). Not an exact duplicate, but it's close:

strappy buckle heel $26.50, Wet Seal

If anyone else know where Ms. Veronica can find a cheaper duplicate to the Miu Miu sandal, provide a link in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Bakers has something in both white and black sorta similar:


Here's a red and black pair by Guess

This one is over $100, but kinda close from Aldos:

LIIS said...

Found two


Michael Antonio(very close to the color but the straps are a bit different)

Then I ran into these at Buckle.com


budget chic said...

Jessica Simpson has some nice one only there is no cork on the heel.


Veronica said...

Thank you all so much! I am leaning more towards the Wet Seal ones, thanks again everyone!

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