Weekend Finds. . .Girlprops and other accessory hunts

Good morning stars!

This weekend I kinda went accessory-crazy. A friend and I had a lunch date in the West Village, and decided to take a trip to the Girlprops store, a favorite website for lots of the bloggers and fashionistas, myself included.

Let me tell you that the store is very. . .bright, and has a colorful bunch of people working there. Most of what's on the website can be found in the store, and even more eclectic pieces can be found in-store. I wanted to take pics, but it's not allowed in the store, which is understandable. There were some things that were cheaper in the store, and some things that I remembered being cheaper on the website, but that wasn't to big a deal to me because the shipping would probably balance that out. I spent $23. . .and here's what I got.

These 2 rings were $1.99 each.

My girlfriend loved these glasses; I tried them on and liked them too. $9.99

Forgive this shiny, early morning pic. Me without my makeup, LOL

Now these were just weird, and different. So I had to have them. $1.99 too.

Now in my job, I can't go as wild with my earrings as I normally do, so I LOVE that the button earring trend has come back. I bought these mainly to wear to work. $2.99

Overall, I loved my trip to GirlProps, and will definitely return. Anyone who loves the site, or "inexpensive" jewelry should make a point to visit if ever near or visiting NY.

Now I found these pairs en route to GirlProps. The street vendor told us he made them himself. I love "negotiating" prices on the street, and we talked him into 3 pair for $5. My girlfriend grabbed a few cute pairs as well.

These final pair were found at a little store in Jersey City near Journal Square. I had never been down JFK Blvd, but I'm glad I took that turn on Saturday morning. I found a bunch of little clothing stores, beauty supply stores, and a Goodwill! I was too excited, but I didn't have enough time to explore so I'm adding that to my list of shopping adventures. Anyway, here are the 2 pairs. $1 each.

Closeup of the heart-shaped pair:

So that was my weekend, hope yours was full of fabulous finds as well!


Nykki said...

I am loving those weave earrings that you found in JC!!!! Thanks for sharing the girlprops site, just went there and ordered my 80's throwback bambo earrings!

giselle said...

very cute earrings..i love strange ones like the fish bones. i'm headed to girlprops! :)

Jennifer said...

Great haul! The heart earrings are too cute

Kizzy said...

The glasses look really cute on you!

Dina's Days said...

Girl Props is so much fun. I mentioned it not too long ago on my blog also. You never know what you're going to find!

Kasmira said...

Wow! I had no idea Girl Props had a brick and mortar store. Someday I'll visit, but for now, I guess I'll haunt the website.

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