$10 off any juniors' apparel purchase @ Sears

If you happen to come across an October 2009 issue of Seventeen magazine, you will find that there's a coupon in it for $10 off any juniors' apparel purchase from Sears. The best thing about this coupon is that there's no minimum purchase! You can also use this offer online by using coupon code 17SEARSAPPAREL at the checkout. The coupon is good from 9/15- 11/14/09 in the US only.

P.S.- This is only a scan of the coupon toshow you how it looks. Don't attempt to print it out and use it. You have to have the actual coupon.

***UPDATE*** There is a printable version of this coupon. Click here to get it!


Anonymous said...

one more reason to have a magazine subscription. will check into it.

re: glamour. once or twice a year, in small print, they will offer a CVS deal. buy one feature product, send in the receipt , and receive a cosmetic case filled with FULL sized products . i've done this twice now and it has been super worth the effort , plus it has turned me on to products i wouldn't have normally tried.

The Cheap Chica said...

^^^ wow, i need to pay attention to the small print. i never knew that.

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