Cheap Chica's Topic Tuesday: What's on your fall shopping list?

Well today marks the first day of fall, and I can't wait until it finally cools down so I can start my fall shopping. On my shopping list so far are a pair of over the knee boots, a leather (or pleather) moto jacket, and a cute pair of booties.

"What's on your fall shopping list?"


Sol said...

Boots, Scarves, sweater ... I want to add more color orange, grey and white winter coat... And wht ever else I find that is Fabulous!!


Alyssa said...

The perfect boot - I'm thinking dark, dark navy blue leather, not too high on the heels, just below the knee, and some hot buckles.

More cardigans - can a girl have enough?

Soft scarves - one knitted in gray and one flowy one in pink.

Nail polish to brighten my mood!

ranksubjugation said...

riding boots, simple shirts to let my statement jackets and coats shine. i love this season, because i really feel like i still use stuff i already have in addition to new things.

Veronica said...

Fall is my fav season of the year, I can't wait for the 90 plus degree weather to cool down here in So. Cal...until then: stiletto thigh-high boots (check), flat thigh-high or knee high boots, scarves, hats (love all kinds of hats), a fun winter coat and some cardigans.

janelle said...

Cardigans for taking my spring/summer tops into the next season by layering and a motorcycle jacket because they're just so darn cool! :)

missgeorgiastate said...

Anything purple (shoes, handbags, tights, dresses, sweaters, etc...)

Vintage sweaters and handbags and scarves

Textured/colored hosiery

Cashmere sweaters

Ankle Booties

More Zoya Nail Polish

Deepa Gurnani headband

Grey Coat from Chadwicks

Anonymous said...

A new pair of short black boots to wear with jeans. I've worn my old ones out. But on a side note, I got a GREAT pair of cute purple, suede booties today in Marshall's for $19.99!!! Can't wait to wear them.

Fabuless Beauty said...

Boots and sweaters!

Emma Lilly said...

I want wedge booties, purple boots, otk boots, cashmere sweaters (if only the were inexpensive) grey skinny jeans. and long knitted knobbly sweaters.

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