Designer way vs. The Cheap Chica way

Man, those Alexander McQueen "Pelle" booties are sure hot, and they've been on my mind for quite some time now. I was hoping someone would make a budget -friendlier version, because these would definitely burn a hole in my pocketbook. Lucky for us Cheap Chicas that Steve Madden has made their own version with their "Seryna" bootie. Much better price, but I need a coupon or something to knock that price down a litte bit more.


Keli said...

Oh...the Steve Madden version is not bad at all!

Now the price, is still too much for me...slash that in half and I might just have to order.

Dina's Days said...

wow those are almost identical! Good find!

Dwana, (SME) Subject Matter Expert of S.O.S said...

I LOVE the style. I can so see me in a calf length skirt and these puppies!