Spotted at Wally World: Frye and Loeffler Randall look-a-likes

While browsing the shoe section at Walmart this evening, I stumbled upon their Faded Glory versions of the Frye Harness boot and the Loeffler Randall mini wedge boot. Both boots are only $25 each, but I saw the mini wedge boot on clearance for $20 online. Add shipping for only $0.97 and they are actually cheaper to buy online than in the store.


cynthia said...

did you happen to try on the mini wedge boot?? i was looking at them online and noticed they don't come in half sizes.

Niki Cheapskate said...

i didn't try them on because they didn't have my size in either of the boots.

cynthia said...

thanks anyways. now i just have to decide what size to get cuz it's so hard when they don't carry half sizes. boo hoo!