Goodwill hunting: Back to Clewiston and Southwest FL's thriftiest shopper

Just some more great items I bought from the Clewiston Goodwill last weekend:

Allen B by Allen Schwartz dress $5. I love the colors in this dress!

J Crew City Fit trouser jeans $6. The best fitting jeans that I own.

opaque over the knee tights $2

My area's Goodwill organization held a "So You Think You're Thrifty" contest a few months back, and they've crowned the winner about a month ago (I know I'm late). Congrats to Amy Burns! Check out her video below (this is her finalist video before she was crowned the winner), where she finds a lot of cute stuff on her Goodwill hunting.

I should've entered that contest, maybe I could've won razz


BBB said...

Just to let u know that ur doing a great job, for real

ran into ur blog and since then i have been hooked,
thnaks for all d great tips

Niki Cheapskate said...

thank you and thanks for reading!

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