Topic Tuesday: How often do you shop?

I cut down my shopping tremendously this year. At one point I was shopping about 3-4 times per week (I know, bad girl), but now it's down to once a week, maybe two. What about you?

"How often do you shop (for clothes, shoes, jewelry, makeup)?"

Is it once a week? Once a month? Once a year (I don't think I could go that long, lol)? Or, do you shop numerous times per week?


Giselle said...

2-3 times a week. I just came back from shopping actually lol...And it really doesn't help that I work in a clothing store.

Niki Cheapskate said...

^^^girl, don't even go there about working in a clothing store, lol. i used to put things on hold everday at work, and when payday came, booyahh, my paycheck was almost gone, lol.

budget chic said...

I should cut back but its probably not gonna happen. Shopping is my cure for a lot of my frustration, so I haven't decreased in my shopping habit, it keep me kinda sane.

Anonymous said...

I try to stick to once or twice per pay check (so 2-4 times a month).

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I hate to say it but since I've discovered the art of thrifting, I stop by my fave thrift store on the way home from work about twice a week and always on Saturday. It's become an addiction. I will do a TJ Maxx/ Marshall's drive by maybe every 8 days or so.

I need to be slapped!