Super Finds at Old Navy

Apparently I've been sleeping on the clearance at Old Navy. I thought the online deals were hot but going in the store is a whole different story! I scored 3 dresses for under $27!! Now anyone who shops Old Navy knows the the clearance racks are usually a mess, but worth digging through for treasure, especially if they are at least organized by size. I find that going early in the morning gives you a better chance of finding the clearance in some type of order.

I picked up this shirt dress in both black and khaki. The possibilities are endless with these!

P.S. These dresses are still $24.99-$27.99 on the website!

This is a really comfy t-shirt style dress, I'm picturing myself dressing it up and down with tights, cardigans, blazers, etc. Endless possibilities once again. I love it in the pink, but the green is cute too. This one is about ten bucks on the site but I paid about 6 bucks in the store.

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budget chic said...

That was good deal. Everytime I go in Old Navy I never find anything! I love both of those shirt dresses. I might have to stop in the one by my house to see if I can find the same thing.

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