Tira's Last Purchases of 2009

Real talk, I've had a GREAT shopping year. I followed some trends, caught tons of deals, and continuously worked my own style. I moved from Cleveland to New Jersey and I realize that whether in a recession or not, I will ALWAYS be a fashionable recessionista. 2010 will be about shopping my closet more, and keeping track of what I have. Check out my last spends for '09. . .

I had a coupon for $10 off any $10 MasterCard purchase at JC Penney, so I used it towards these items:

I've been wanting these legging/jeans every since I saw them on another blog:

a.n.a. Denim Leggings, Regular $40, I paid 21.99. Totally worth it. The fit is great!

This sequin purse was $7 from Walmart. I paid about $11 for the shoes back when Love My Shoes was having their fall clearance. They are in the midst of a great winter clearance sale right now. . .just saying.

I love, love, love this gorgeous top. I love peacock prints, and purple, so this top from I ♥ Ronson was a must for me. With coupons and discounts, I paid about $10 from the $44 price tag.

I got this dress from one of my fave stores, Marshalls. I saw it last week and my boyfriend didn't like, but I saw it Tuesday in a different Marshalls and decided to give it a try. I paired it with pink tights and a black blazer on Christmas day, but I can't find the pic. I'll post when I wear it again.

And finally. . .I got these earrings somewhere on Fashion Ave in NY. All of my employees were drooling over them, so I went back and purchased more as gifts..

So yes, I ended with a bang. Stay tuned for my AWESOME makeup haul from CVS.


God's Favorite Shoes! said...

THose shoes!!!!!!!!!!

budget chic said...

Great deals, see thats how you work it out!!

San Antonio Personal injury lawyer said...

I love that peacock shirt!

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