What's new @ the Cheap Chica Social Network: The Pro-Clippers

We all love saving money (if you don't, what planet are you from?), whether it be on fashion, grocery, or dining out, and a great way to save is by using coupons. Cheap Chica reader and Cheap Chica Social Network member, Tracy, decided to start a group within the CCSN called The Pro-Clippers. Kind of like the Cheap Chica Swap Shop, but you swap coupons instead. Now, it's just in the beginning stages until we get more members, so if it's something you'd be interested in, join here.

Add Ruche for a chance to win!!!

Mai, the lovely owner of fab boutique Ruche, is hosting a giveaway for a $50 gift card. All you have to do is add Ruche as a friend on Facebook, on MySpace, or follow her on Twitter. It's that simple. Visit Ruche for more details and make sure you check out the great selection of merchandise while you're there.


Cheap and Cheaper: Gladiator woven heels

cheap and cheaper- woven heels

Cheap: "Cori" platforms, Bakers

Cheaper: leatherette shield heel, Go Jane

cheap and cheaper- woven heels - by cheapchica on Polyvore.com

Double duty beauty: Use bronzer for eyeshadow

Cheap Chica reader, Dayna, says when she wants a bronze eye look and she's out of bronze shadow, she uses her bronzer instead. She uses a bronzer that has a variety of shades (like the one on the left), so she can contour her eyes using the darker shade in the crease, and the lighter shades on eyelids and inner corners. Thanks for the tip!

Jane Shimmering bronzer $6

Got a double duty beauty tip? Shoot me an email and I'll be glad to post it!


Take an additional 50% off clearance @ Old Navy

Take an additional 50% off clearance items at Old Navy (online only) now through 2-2-09. I had a chance to peek at the clearance inventory and although they have some really cute items, I can't find anything I like in my size mad. That's okay, though. Use coupon code HALFOFF at the checkout. Happy shopping!


First Lady style: Michelle Obama's Inagural gown

Wasn't First Lady Obama stunning in her Inaugural gown designed by Jason Wu? Edressme now has a similiar dress for $320. It's now available for pre-order and will ship out in mid-March. Just in time for prom or any other formal event you have going on.

gown $320 (pre-order), EdressMe

Today's printables and codes


"Fabulous Finds" under $20

When I'm browsing the newest items on Forever 21, I always take a peek at their "Fabulous Finds" section to see what steals and deals they have going on. There's always something there that catches my eye, and what's even better is that the items are very easy on the pocketbook- most of them are under $20!

Would you carry this bag?

Here's the scenario. My fashionista aunt decided to give me my birthday present a little early this year . Although I appreciate the kind gesture and I'm glad she thinks about me every year, I have a slight problem with the present. It's a fake "Gucci" bag. How do I know it's fake? She only paid $50 for it from a fleamarket. $50 for a Gucci bag? It can't be real.

Sidenote: Now my "designer way vs. Cheap Chica way" posts are "designer inspired" versions of designer items. That's just my way of showing you that you can get in on the trend for a lot less. But there's a difference between designer inspired and a counterfeit. Designer inspired items don't have the name of it's inspiration plastered all over it and try to pass as the real thing. I just wanted to throw this sidenote in because I know there's going to be somebody out there calling me a hypocrite. End sidenote.

So anyway, like I said, I thanked my aunt and I appreciate the gift, but I'm kind of a little self-conscious about carrying it around. I love the color and the shape of it, but I don't want anyone calling me out on it either, lol. It does have "Gucci" plastered all over it. I know there are some people out there who don't care about carrying around fake bags. They feel that they've gotten a deal on it and noone would be able to tell the difference. I have no problem with that, but I myself would feel a little silly. Here's the bag:
Would you carry it?


Cheap Chicalicious tip of the day

Did you know that Sally's Beauty Supply sell a line of products called Generic Value Products? They are basically generic versions of salon hair product lines such as Chi, Paul Mitchell, Redken, as well as others. In my stash, I have the the GVP versions of BioSilk, Super Skinny Serum, Chi Silk Infusion, and Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil Shampoo, and they work as well as their more expensive counterparts. I've noticed that you get more product, too. For instance, a 6oz bottle of GVP Silk Remedy is $8.99 ($8.49 if you have a Beauty Club card). Chi Silk Infusion is about $11 for a 2oz bottle (depending on where you go, it's a little bit more). Have you tried any of the GVP products?

Star style under $150: Monique

photo source

Love Monique's simple, yet chic look for the Sundance Film Festival. Here's my budget friendly version of her outfit.

monique's look for less
Grand total= $112.50


Cheap chicalicious links 1-23-09

Take 30% off new arrivals @ Old Navy

Get a start on buying your spring gear with this awesome deal. I'm loving the new items at Old Navy right now like this and this. Offer good until 1-25-09. Enter SPRING at the check out.


Boot-iful online sales

Looks like everybody and their mama is having on sale on boots. I guess now is the time to buy a pair, or two biggrin.

"Ginger" boot $80, Nine West

Star style: Megan Good and her YSL Tribute pumps

Megan Good loves her canvas YSL Tribute pumps. Everytime I see a new pic of her on the internet, she's always wearing them. She getting her money's worth, I guess, and there's nothing wrong with that. Wear them suckers 'til the heel pop off girl, lol. I found a couple of similar, budget-friendly versions:

Now, back to what I was talking about. People give her grief for wearing these shoes over and over again, not to mention her American Apparel leggings. If you were a celebrity, would you be caught wearing the same thing over and over? Speak on it.

New celeb trend alert?: Saint protection bracelets

photo source 1, 2, 3

The new trend seen all over Hollywood is the Saint protection bracelet. The bracelets have been spotted on celebs such as Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus. Kristen Stewart also wore one throughout the "Twilight" film as well as in some of her promo photos. New online store, Marco Polo, sells them at prices starting at $9.99, but I'm pretty sure I've seen these at my local fleamarkets and dollar stores. Marco has hooked you up with a 10% off discount on any of the bracelets. Just enter coupon code CHEAP in the checkout.


Today's printables and codes

So....did you get your free makeup yesterday?

As you know, the start of the free cosmetics giveaway was yesterday at some major department stores due to a class action lawsuit settlement. I was watching the evening news yesterday and they showed the crowd at my local Dillards. The line was wrapped around the corner. Honestly, I forgot about it. I know that their giving away the cosmetics until the 27th, but I think I'll pass on this one. I want to know, did any of you go get your free makeup item? What did you get?


Make a statement... under $30

photo credit

I'm a firm believer that accessories can instantly jazz up the most boring outfit. This season is all about the statement necklace, and you don't have to put a dent in your wallet to get in on the trend. Here are some budget friendly necklaces I've found...

  1. glistening disc necklace$11.80, Forever 21
  2. beaded glory necklace $6.80, Forever 21
  3. beaded lariat $10, Lulu's
  4. coin necklace $16.10, Asos
  5. caged agate necklace $24, All The Rage
  6. gem necklace $30, All The Rage

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