Free music: Black. Girls. Rock! by Res

If you're a Res fan like I am, head on over to her site and download a copy of her new album, Black. Girls. Rock! This album is on constant rotate in my mp3 player right now. Beautiful music indeed! Enjoy!

Here's a throwback from when Res first came onto the music scene. "Golden Boys" is still a favorite of mine.


Designer way vs. Cheapalicious way

That price tag on those Louboutin Alta Fifre boots are a little intimidating, aren't they? Don't be scurred, get the look for under $50 with these look a likes from Wet Seal!

Cheapalicious deals 12-29-09

Topic Tuesday: What are your resolutions for 2010?

Well, 2009 will be out of here in a few more days. My, has this year flown by! I think I did pretty well with all of my 2009 resolutions with the exception of resolution #1. I still don't know how to sew, but Mr. Cheapalicious is learning so he could get his auto upholstery business going next year (yay!). As far as resolutions for 2010, I really haven't thought about it much. All I want is for the coming year to be better than past years. That's all.

"What are your New Year's resolutions?"


Cheapalicious review: YMI Extreme denim leggings

Sorry for the extreme crapiness of my camera. Unfortunately, Santa didn't leave a new one under the tree this year.

Just in time for Christmas, an agency representing YMI Jeans sent me a pair of their Extreme denim leggings to review. Since I was too sick to actually wear them anywhere, I wore them around the house just for this review.

What I liked about them: When I took these bad boys out of the packaging, I just knew they weren't going to fit. They looked really small! I usually shy away from small looking jeans, but once they got over my hips, I was a-okay. As tight as they are (hello, they're denim leggings), they didn't cut off my circulation. They're actually pretty comfortable and I can move in them. They are made with a special weave that allows them to form to any figure. I also liked that I can tuck them down in a pair of boots or booties without the help of some kind of contraption to keep them from bunching up.

What I didn't like about them: Okay, do you see that bootay shot below? Do you see the small pockets that make my butt look more huge than it already is? That's what I don't like about them. Since I'll be wearing tunics with these jeans, the size of the pockets won't matter, but I will not wear these jeans with a top shorter than tunic length. I really don't care for the fading on the back either, but I can deal with that.

With the exception of the small pockets and the fading on the back, I really like these jeans. The length is perfect for me (these are a 32" inseam), I love the wash of the jeans (the color I'm wearing is Ocean Blue), and they can definitely be dressed up or down. I can see myself pairing these with a cute tunic and flats for a weekend look, or throw on a long tank, blazer, and killer heels for a night on the town. They will fit quite well into my wardrobe.

Want a pair? Snag them for $38 at YMI, or win a pair from YMI's Facebook contest. Contest ends on 1-4-10.


Nifty under $50: Shock Boutique

Check out these cheapalicious finds from up and coming online store, Shock Boutique.

[l]- [r]: studded messenger bag $38; sequined tunic $32; zipper ankle booties $40; chunky mixed chain necklace $20; girlfriend blazer $48

Right now, save 25% off your entire purchase with coupon code CHEAPALICIOUS. Offer ends 1-31-10.


Kmart open 64 hours starting today

For those of you who are last minute Christmas shoppers (myself included), Kmart is staying open for 64 hours straight. You heard right. 64 consecutive hours! From today starting at 6 am until December 24 at 10 pm, participating Kmart stores will stay open to fulfill customers' last minute shopping needs. So if you find yourself laying in bed tomorrow night and you forgot Aunt Susie's gift, get your butt out of bed and head on over to Kmart.

Topic Tuesday: Employees fired for buying Zhu Zhu Pets

David Lawrinowicz of Lancaster had worked at Target for nearly eight years before the company fired him Wednesday — for buying two Zhu Zhu Pets.
Not stealing them, buying them. Lawrinowicz, who worked the overnight at the Cheektowaga location on Walden Avenue, helped unload a shipment of the hot holiday toy at the start of his shift around 11 p.m. Before leaving for the day at 5 a.m. the next morning, he and six other employees lined up to buy a few of the plush hamsters each. Overnight employees are allowed to make purchases during the company’s off hours.
None of the workers bought more than the limit of four Zhu Zhu Pets per customer. In fact, Lawrinowicz bought just two of them for his daughter Jessica. There were more hanging on the store’s racks when the employees cashed out.
A few days later, Lawrinowicz said he was called into the human resources office and told employees were not allowed to purchase “popular items” until the store opens at 8 a.m. There was no write-up, and he went back to finish his work.
Two weeks later, he and the other co-workers including his team leader were called in and fired by a choked-up, apologetic store manager. They were told the company’s policy about buying “two-day ad items” had been clearly posted in a sign over the employee time clock.
“There was no such thing. I look in that spot every day when I punch out and there was nothing there,” said Lawrinowicz.
Target said the company has certain guidelines in place regarding employees shopping during their shifts.
“These guidelines are in place to provide our guests with the same purchasing opportunities as our team members. We are committed to making the items our guests want as available as possible to ensure a positive guest experience,” said Target representatives in a statement.
Target said the policy is made clear in its employee handbook, and that reminders of it “are often communicated” through postings, newsletters and verbal “huddles.” Policy violations are punishable by action up to and including termination.
Lawrinowicz said, though it was hard physical work, he enjoyed working for Target and bears no animosity toward the company. But he can’t help feeling his termination and that of his colleagues is overly harsh, especially right before the holidays.
“I told them I would bring the things back. It’s not worth losing my job over. It’s an $8 toy,” he said. “But they said there was nothing they could do.” [Source]

Here's my opinion. I could see if the employees stole the items, then that obviously would be grounds for termination. But they bought them, and to me, money is money regardless of whether it's the customer buying it or the employee. Another thing that I don't get is if the company's policy about buying "two day ad items" was posted above the timeclock for all to see, why didn't the employee ringing them up remind them that they couldn't purchase those particular items? I have so many questions, but I'd like to know what you think. Discuss.

Cheapalicious deals 12-22-09


Clearance alert: $15 booties @ Wet Seal

  • motorcycle bootie. This is by far the cheapest Alexander McQueen inspired bootie that I've seen so far. They're are also available in black.
  • cutout bootie. I ordered these for myself today. I've tried these on in the store, and they look cute on. I'm glad that I waited to buy themwink
Like with any clearance sale, sizes are limited. Shop before 12/18 (Friday) and get free shipping on orders $15 or more.

30% off everything @ Charlotte Russe!

While your slaving away at your computer desk today at work, take a little time out to browse the selection at Charlotte Russe and save 30% off your purchase today! You got until the end of your workday to do so (offer ends at 5pm today). Use coupon code HOLIDAY09 at the checkout.
***UPDATE*** This sale has been extended until 1 AM.


Cheapalicious deals 12-15-09


Designer way vs. Cheapalicious way

Thanks Jihan for this find...

Spotted on the arms of celebs such as Lady Gaga and Shakira, the YSL studded satchel is one kick ass bag. Hell, if I had the funds, I think I would buy it. This bag is hot! For the babes on a budget that want the look of the YSL bag, American Chic has their version for $50. It's not an exact dupe (the material looks sort of like a suede to me), but you can see where this bag got its inspiration from. Right now, American Chic is offering 10% off this bag. Just enter coupon code studd10 at the checkout. Offer ends on 12-24-09.

My $0.49 Sephora mini-haul

This is a spinoff from Nouveau Cheap's post...

So, I checked my email last night and to my surprise, a Sephora $15 gift code was there waiting for me. I really didn't know what to buy, so I just ordered the 212 Sephora by OPI nail polish that I wanted. The price of the nail polish, plus the cost of shipping pretty much used up all of this gift code, but my whole total ended up costing me less than a can of soda...

Sephora by OPI nail color in 212 $9. I saw a girl working the Sephora counter at JC Penney wearing this color. I wanted to buy it then, but they were sold out. I just love the color. It's a smoky black with iridescent, copper, and gold glitter in it. I will definitely be wearing this for my upcoming holiday parties.

Now with every order, you get to choose three samples. Here are the ones I chose...

Gucci Flora By Gucci fragrance sample

Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment sample

Korres Face Primer sample

I used the gift code WISHME, and had a choice of either choosing a sample of YSL mascara, a NARS lipgloss duo in Striptease/Dolce Vita sample, or a 4 oz. Philosophy Inner Grace Perfumed Body Emulsion. I chose the YSL mascara sample.

So, how did I end up paying $0.49 for everything? It's simple...

Nail polish $9.00
shipping $5.95
tax $0.54

paid w/gc ($15.00)

total charged to my credit card: $0.49. I got five items for $0.49. Awesome! Thanks Sephora!

To any of you who are Beauty Insiders with Sephora, did you get a gift code? What did you buy?


Win a $500 shopping spree from YMI Jeans!

Enter YMI Jeans' Extreme contest for a chance to win a $500 shopping spree! All you have to do is become a Facebook fan of YMI Jeans, upload a pic of your favorite "extreme" outfit and use one word to describe how extreme your outfit is, share with your friends to get votes. Click here for more details. Contest ends on 1-4-10.

And speaking of extreme, check out the new YMI Extreme denim leggings!

Such a sexy jean for $38!


Cheapalicious is now on Twitter!

You can now follow us on Twitter! I know I'm late to the party, but I did actually try Twitter out some time last year when I was The Cheap Chica. I didn't keep up with it as much, so I closed the account, now I'm giving it a try again. Happy tweeting!


Designer way vs. Cheapalicious way

Special thanks to RHONYC for sending me this...

I love the Black Halo Jackie O dress. I promised myself that if the price came down, I may purchase one. That was a year ago. That's okay. For under $100, I may just snap up this Adrianna Papell version from Nordstrom for my upcoming New Year's party.





Weekend finds: $6 boho dresses @ Tar-jay

I decided to pop into Target this past weekend to pick up a few necessities and check out the new merchandise. I was hoping that I could find one of those dresses that Tira posted about a few weeks ago, but I didn't find them. Instead, I found couple of dresses that I've had my eye on for a while, and they were marked down to $6.24. Sweet!

I actually bought the first dress about two weeks ago and it was marked down to $12.48. When I came back this time, the dresses were marked down to $6.24. Maybe I should've waited. They're still regular price online, so check your local store to see if they've hit the clearance racks.

pink border boho dress and multicolor boho dress $24.99 (online)

Tira's Super Cheap Christmas Wishlist

I love this time of year! I usually don't ask for much since I buy for myself all year round, and no one knows what I like better than me. I come from a big family, so it wasn't a big deal to only get a few items for Christmas, and we'd be happy just to be together with an awesome breakfast and an even better dinner. I love surprising people with gifts and giving to charities. My fave part of Christmas is going to see the window displays in NY and sending out Christmas cards. I made this list partly because I wanted to share some of my fave finds online and partly because I know my sisters and my mom read the blog. Hi ladies!!! Enjoy...

I love this tank, it's ruffly and it has a zipper...how cute is that? And it's marked down to $9.99 at JC Penney

Call me crazy....but I looooooove sequin leggings. I think they would be a perfect *pow* piece for a simple outfit. I spotted these babies for $39 over at Newport News. I'm sure I can find them cheaper

I love, love, love a big ring! Girlprops has a fabulous selection of cocktail rings on the cheap. I love this one, which is only $14.99

These sleepshirts scream comfort, and are really a steal at only $10 at Target. (I always end up back at that place..)

How could I do this without having a shoe somewhere in the mix???

Check out this baby....I've been itching for a really cute bootie. This one is only 39.99 at Bakers:

Cheapalicious deals 12-8-09

Just added (12-8-09, 10:35 am):

  • Old Navy: 20% off any purchase. Coupon code: ONSAVE20. Expires 12-15-09


Free Shipping with ALLOY!! No Minimum!!!

This deal is good for 3 days only, so jump in where you can. Enter code: HOLFS

I LOVE this time of year!!! Click the image to visit the site.


Save with these Old Navy coupons!

Cheapalicious reader Reese has hooked us up with these printables from Old Navy! Enjoy!

click on image to print


Save 40% off @ Endless (today only!)

I know I'm late, but you still have time to shop the sale at Endless! Save 40% off on hundreds of designer shoes and handbags! No coupon needed. Sale ends 11:59 PM tonight. Hurry!

The Deals Keep Coming....$10 off your $10 purchase at Sallys!!!

This was just sent to me by a friend...

Visit the Sally Beauty Supply website

and enter this code at checkout:

$10 off a purchase of $10 or more??? Gotta love it..

Plus, they are offering free shipping for any purchase over $50. This would be a great time to stock up on your fave products. I'm going to try that Argan oil that Niki blogged about a few weeks ago. I'm not sure how long the coupon code is good for, so use it while it's still hot!

TODAY ONLY!!! $1 Shipping at Bath & Body Works

Today would be a great day to knock off a few gifts. Enter SHIP1 at checkout and get $1 shipping on any purchase of $30. Click here to start saving now.

Psssst.....Zac Posen for Target!!!

You've seen his designs on Beyonce, Natalie Portman, Rachel Bilson, and plenty of Hollywood's other red carpet sensations. Now it's been confirmed that Zac Posen will debut a GO International collection for one of our fave stores, Target!. His line will debut in April of next year, and the prices will start around $15, which is an absolute steal seeing how his designs generally range from $900-$12,000. I am sure he will be bringing the heat with his affordable collection as well. Will you be buying?


Super Finds at Old Navy

Apparently I've been sleeping on the clearance at Old Navy. I thought the online deals were hot but going in the store is a whole different story! I scored 3 dresses for under $27!! Now anyone who shops Old Navy knows the the clearance racks are usually a mess, but worth digging through for treasure, especially if they are at least organized by size. I find that going early in the morning gives you a better chance of finding the clearance in some type of order.

I picked up this shirt dress in both black and khaki. The possibilities are endless with these!

P.S. These dresses are still $24.99-$27.99 on the website!

This is a really comfy t-shirt style dress, I'm picturing myself dressing it up and down with tights, cardigans, blazers, etc. Endless possibilities once again. I love it in the pink, but the green is cute too. This one is about ten bucks on the site but I paid about 6 bucks in the store.

Holiday Dresses $25 and Under

It's that time of year! Here a few dresses that can be work with cute sweaters and blazers to any of those holiday parties and family get-togethers:

This NORMA KAMALI shift dress from Wal-Mart is a STEAL at only $20. The quality of the NK collection is amazing.

Check out this cute dress on clearance at Walmart for $24

These 3 dresses are all available at 15DOLLARSTORE.COM I love this site as they have fast shipping and great deals all the time. Check the site out for more great deals.

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