Earn ECB's by joining the CVS Advisor Panel

If you're a frequent CVS shopper (such as myself), you're probably unaware of a market research program they offer called the CVS Advisor Panel. I didn't know about it until a co-worker of mine told me about how she's earned Extra Care Bucks through this program by simply taking online surveys that they send out from time to time. Since I shop at CVS all of the time, I think this will be a great way to save some money, so I joined the program. Hey, why not give your imput on the store's products and services for some CVS money?

The premise is simple- you sign up, they send you surveys throughout the year, and they credit your Extra Care account for participating. You can earn $5, $10, or $15 in Extra Care Bucks. Now, there are some surveys that you may not qualify for, but they still credit your account with $2 ECB. Something's better than nothing. I joined the program on Saturday, and I got my first survey today in which I've earned $5 in ECB's (the coupon was available for me to print instantly). My co-worker told me it took her about four months to receive her first survey, so I think it varies by each member how often they send surveys to you. I think it's a cool program, especially if you shop there often. Earning free money by sharing your opinion? I'm definitely in!


Budget Chic said...

thanks for the tip niki - gonna do that

Niki Cheapskate said...

you're very welcome!

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