Lunchbreak shopping: A "miniature" Sally's haul

I ventured over to Sally's Beauty Supply yesterday to pick up a few things I needed for my hair. Before leaving the store, I stopped to look at their makeup to see what was new. I've noticed that their Sally Girl brand of makeup now have baked eyeshadows. The packaging is very small (a little bigger than a quarter), and they're only $0.99 ($0.89 if you use your Sally's Beauty Card). They didn't have many colors left, so I grabbed the ones that I liked.

The names of the colors aren't on the packaging, so I went online and found the names.

  • Shadow Rose. I really like this color the most. It's sort of a pink-ish/gold color and very pigmented.
  • Gunmetal Grey. This color is really dark, more like the color of charcoal than grey. This would be great for a smoky eye look.
  • Gold
  • Grey Purple

The shadows are very pigmented and the application is very smooth. So far, they've been getting good reviews, but of course I'll be my own judge and update you later on them. For less than a dollar, why not try them out?

I grabbed a few more of the Sally Girl mini nail polishes as well. I have tons of these polishes- they have an interesting selection of colors. The quality is hit or miss- some of them last for days, others chip within the first few days. Oh well, I guess you get what you pay for sometimes.

  • Cloud Blue. I've been searching for a nice turquoise polish since this past spring. I think I found it in Cloud Blue. There's no pic on the site, but it's actually a little lighter than it appears in my pic.
  • Glitter Pink. There's no pic for this on the Sally's site either, but this is a lighter pink glitter polish. I think it would look great layered over another polish rather than wearing it alone.
  • Spank. I'm wearing this color in the pic. I saw one of the Sally's associates wearing it and I thought it was really nice pink.
  • 2 Cool. It appears that this color and the Glitter Pink look the same, but 2 Cool is a little bit darker.


Hannah said...

I must say, that pink color (Spank) looks amazing!
I found a great teal color (close enough to turquoise, right?)
It's Sally Hansen "Xtreme Wear" in the color "The Real Teal". I like it a lot! It was $2.79. It took two coats to get an even color, but it looks intense! :)

Rai said...

Awesome haul! I checked my Sally's for those eyeshadows & mine didn't have them. :(

budget chic said...

Great deal!! Have you seen the new HiP Professional Studio Line for their duos! They are about to come out with about 30 brand new ones. Also has anybody checked out the new Maybelline Eye Studio Baked marbleized Eye Shadows?

Niki Cheapskate said...

^^^ i saw the new HIP duos. next time when cvs or walgreens have another bogo free sale, i'm going to try them.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed the Sally girl mini polishes dry VERRRRY fast? I have one in Amped that dries in like 20 seconds.

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