A Cheapalicious closet: A more energized Monday

I'm feeling much, much better on this lovely Monday. Normally, I don't have the energy, but today, I'm really alert for some reason.  Maybe it was  because I didn't have to be in to work until 10 am, so I got a chance to sleep in.  That definitely helps.  I've decided to finally wear this skirt that I thrifted about two months ago.  I was drawn to the lovely print-brown and turquoise together are one of my favorite color combinations. I've added a few turquoise accessories to bring out the turquoise in the skirt, and threw on my favorite gladiator wedges.

brown tee $4, Family Dollar; skirt $3.50, Goodwill; gladiator wedge sandals $7, Charlotte Russe; necklace $7, bracelets $4, and ring $4, all Charlotte Russe.  I later removed the turquoise bracelet.  For some reason that extra bracelet was a little too much.


budget chic said...

Very pretty outfit and the whole look is less than $30 dollars, now thats what I'm talking about!

Niki Cheapskate said...

thank you!

Frugalista said...

I am loving all of your jewelry. You are going to make me head over to Charlotte Russe. Thank you for sharing the 411!