Get a one year Glamour magazine subscription for $4

Get a one-year subscription to Glamour magazine through Discount Mags for only $4!  Choose the one-year subscription for $12, use coupon code 3863 at the checkout for a savings of $8, and bam!  A whole year's subscription for the cost of one issue!  Thanks Dallas!


Keri said...

Ooh nice! I signed up for a subscription! :)

Tira said...

Me too!

budget chic said...

Thanks for the heads up. I'm waiting on a discount for IN-Style ;-)

AnNeTtEe said...

ey thanks for this post!! i just bought a 1 yr subscription... =) any discount on those lame celebrity mags like USWeekly or Star?? i like lookin at celebrities outfits & stuff

Dwana, (SME) Subject Matter Expert of S.O.S said...

Thanks, girl! I got my magazine. I also ordered from Deekins.com.
I ordered Yoga Journal, Muscle & Fitness, and Shape.

*from Mommies With Cents*
There’s are some super great deals going on right now at Deekins.com. Click HERE to get Shape for just $1.49 with coupon code BSXSHP.

At the checkout screen, towards the bottom, is where you will apply your code. Once coupon code is applied continue to shop or checkout.

* More hot magazine offers:
* Working Mother, $2.99 with code MDSWM
* Men’s Fitness, $3.49 with code JUNUS
* Motor Trend, $3.49 with code JUNMT
* Inc., $3.49 with code JUNIC
* Family Fun, $3.49 with code VALFAF
* Weight Watchers, $3.49 with code JLDWOW
* Backpacker, $3.99 with code JUNBP
* Family Circle, $3.99 with code BSXFCM
* Woman’s Day, $3.99 with code MDSWD
* Entrepreneur, $3.99 with code JUNEN
* Field & Stream, $3.99 with code GSOFS
* Fast Company, $3.99 with code GSOFC
* Yoga Journal, $4.99 with code GSOYJ
* Bridal Guide, $4.99 with code VALBGM
* Guideposts, $4.99 with code VALGPM
* Muscle & Fitness, $4.99 with code JUNMF

Only one code may be used per order.

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