I'm in love. . .with my new bag

I've been on the hunt for a new going-out purse. I wanted something that would allow me to go hands-free with enough room for my wallet, cell phone, and a small makeup bag, and maybe a camera. I usually go with a clutch, but on crazy nights, I need a little more assurance that I won't leave my bag somewhere. Yesterday, one of my employees came in with this gorgeous bag:

I love, love, love it! It reminds me of some way more expensive quilted studded bags I've seen. I was surprised when she told me she got it from Forever 21, and I rushed over to the mall as soon as I left work. I snagged the last one, and it was just $20.80!! I wore it on my movie date last night and I had my wallet, and my makeup bag.

Check it out on the Forever 21 website here.

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