My cheapalicious hair products- part 2

A long while ago, I told you about my favorite cheapalicious hair products.  Since then, I've changed up my hair care regimen and added a few more products to my arsenal.  These products are staples, and I'm not giving them up anytime soon (unless they discontinue them).  The majority of the products that I use on my hair are very inexpensive (some under $5!) and that proves that it doesn't matter how much a product costs, but what works for your hair.

Palmer's Coconut Oil Protein Pack, a little under $2 at most drugstores:  I usually use ORS Replenishing Conditioner to deep condition my locks, but when I bought this one day on a whim from Target, I was in love.  The protein in the conditioner gives my hair the strength that it needs, and my hair smells like coconut for days.  Definitely a keeper.

One n' Only Argan Oil Treatment $9, Sally's Beauty Supply:  As long as Sally's keeps selling this stuff, I will continue to buy!  If you don't want to spend the money on the MoroccanOil, then this is a great alternative (see my earlier post here).  A little definitely goes a long way (that's all you need), and it leaves my hair so shiny and smooth- frizz free!  I use this to protect my ends when I flat iron, and the results are amazing. 

Suave Professionals Almond and Shea Butter Moisturizing shampoo, less than $3 at most drugstores:  Whenever it's my shampoo day, I alternate between a protein shampoo and a moisturizing shampoo, so when I don't use my Aphogee Shampoo for Damaged Hair ( a protein shampoo), I use this moisturizing shampoo from Suave.  I received a free bottle in the mail a couple months ago, and I haven't put it down.  It leaves my hair so soft and it doesn't weigh it down.  It's supposed to moisturize as well as Aveda's Dry Remedy shampoo, but I've never used Aveda products before, so I really can't draw a comparison.  This shampoo does the job for me.  I actually like it better than my Aphogee Deep Moisture shampoo.

Aphogee Pro-Vitamin Leave-In  Conditioner $7, Sally's Beauty Supply: This will always be one of my hair care staples. Not only does it do a great job of detangling, but it helps strengthen the hair and stops breakage.

Fantasia Hair Polisher Styling Gel with Sparkle Lites $4.50, Walgreens:  When I want my edges to lay down, I grab this stuff.  I love that it's alcohol free (doesn't dry my hair out), and it doesn't leave a flaky mess like most styling gels do.  It gives me just the right amount of hold and my hair isn't too stiff or hard.  I love it!

What are your favorite cheapalicious hair products?

Disclaimer:  These products were bought with my own money and are not samples.


~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

You posted 2 of my favs-

1-Suave Professionals Almond and Shea Butter Moisturizing shampoo
2- Sally's Argan Oil

I need to try the other items you posted -- Great post very helpful!


Roxanne said...

one n only/s argan oil--it is AWESOME!!! My husband noticed how muck shinier and softer my hair is. This stuff is great-no greasy feeling or weighing your hair down. The girls at Sally's told me that you can even at it to hair color before applying it. It is suppose to help your hair hold the color better.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I use that Fantasia IC Gel religiously for my edges.

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