Topic Tuesday: Shopping haul videos

If you're ever on YouTube, I'm sure you've seen hundreds and hundreds of shopping "haul" videos on there.  What are "haul" videos, you ask?  They are basically people making a video of all the purchases of their recent shopping trips.  My cousin and I were having a discussion about this sudden YouTube phenomenon.  She seems to think that haul videos are so annoying, and why anyone would sit there and watch ten minutes or more of some girl showing off her purchases from the mall is beyond her.  I myself enjoy haul videos (some of them).  In fact, a short while ago, I was thinking about doing my "weekend finds" posts in the form of videos instead of just outlining every detail in a post, but I scrapped that idea because I hate the sound of my voice (lol). I see nothing wrong with them.  I don't know, I like to see what others have bought and what great deals they've scored.  Some people also give ideas as to how they would incorporate their items into their wardrobes, and I think that's pretty cool.  What do you  think of haul videos? Do you think they're a complete waste of time and you could care less about what these people have bought?   Have you ever made a haul video? Discuss.

In case you still don't know what haul videos are, here are a couple that I've found from a couple of my favorite bloggers, Dulce Candy and Bargain Princess.

Click on this link to see Bargain Princess's haul video (she disabled embedding).


Tira said...

I love the fact that so many people are taking to Youtube about fashion, makeup, shopping, and hair. I especially like the hair videos because they end up saving me a lot of money. I hate the videos that are poorly lit, with misspelled descriptions. It's like some of them are doing it because it's popular. I've thought about doing some videos as well, but if you are going to put yourself out there, you have to make sure that you are informative and entertaining. Don't just pop up on youtube every time you hit the dollar store.

budget chic said...

I watch haul video every now and then on youtube, not clothes, mostly dollar tree hauls because some people get items in other states before we get them here in my state...so it kinda gives me the heads up what to look out. I like drugstore haul videos and cosmetic hauls mostly and of course the beauty tutorials.

Living Fly on a Dime said...

I really like the "haul" videos, especially thrift store finds. When people score designer items for just a few bucks, that inspires me to keep hitting up thrift stores in hopes that I'll find my own gem.

Jennifer (thelooksforless.com) said...

i have found myself hooked on haul videos lately. even if they don't show me how they put an outfit together, i still get inspiration from what other people purchase. its better than staring at people in a store to see what they pick up, which is how i often get ideas, especially if what they buy is totally different than what i would buy. my vote is LOVE!