Weekend finds: I wanted Cynthia, but got Saniya instead

Sometimes, I don't know why I waste my time going to my local Target to see if any of the designer collaborations are there.  I went there today to see if the Cynthia Vincent collection was there, and guess what?  No!  Why am I not surprised?  However, I did see the Liberty of London collection there (gasp!), and the racks were full.  That makes me wonder if a) the collection was just now arriving to the store although it was released early last month (it sure as hell wasn't there the last time I was in Target); b)  maybe noone's feeling the pieces in the collection; or c) maybe the collection has come in since the last time I've been in there (which was late March), sold out, then they restocked the racks.  No matter what the deal is, I was happy to see a designer collaboration there.

I was hoping that the Cynthia Vincent for Target collection would be there because I wanted to try on the cognac gladiator sandals and the tribal print ballet flats. Sure, I could've ordered them online while they still had them in stock and returned them later if I weren't happy with them, but by the time I got online this morning, my size was gone.  I could buy them off Ebay, but I don't want them that bad.

I ended up buying a pair of the Xhilaration "Saniya" flats.  The studded detail caught my eye..

They are exactly like the cobalt blue ones that I bought a couple of months ago, and I love them.  A fab addition to my wardrobe!

To everyone who got a chance to see the Cynthia Vincent for Target collection in person, what did you think of it?  Which style(s) did you buy?

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