Fab Pics: Summer Dresses from Alloy

I was totally inspired by Niki's post about her maxi dress. I'm going to wear more dresses this summer. Yesterday was over 80 degrees in New Jersey, and it's only May, so I'm sure jeans and pants won't be as comfortable as nice breezy, flowy dresses and skirts in the coming months. I browsed on Alloy's website and fell in love with a few pieces. And don't get me started on their shoes. I've ordered from their site, and the sizes are pretty accurate, and the quality of clothing is pretty decent. I promised myself that if I work on one of my writing projects everyday for the month of May, I will treat myself to something nice. Here are a few of my fave looks:

I'm a huge fan of dolman sleeves. This dress would be perfect for cool summer nights out in the city.

I love the detailing on this one. And the pink would definitely be eye-catching.

The print is calling me, lol.....I'm such a sucker for tribal prints

last but not least.......

Nothing is easier in the summer time than sliding on a skirt. . .pair it with cute sandals and white tank and you are fly without even trying to hard. The bow in the back of this skirt takes the fab factor through the roof. I really like this neutral tan color, but it also comes in yellow and black.

Wish me luck , ladies, there's nothing like fashion to motivate me to complete a goal!


Adjua said...

I bought the Aida dress and let me tell you...the quality of the fabric is less than great and the dress drapes weird. I'm a solid size 8 but that dress made me look like I was a 16. I wouldn't recommend adding it to your wardrobe. It's pretty in the catalog though. I love the Dolman sleeve and Maya printed dresses though.

Tira said...

Really??? Nooooo!! I've ordered a couple tops and some skirts from them and they were fine, but to hear about that dress is really disappointing. Thanks for taking it off my list. I don't need anything making me look bigger.

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