Product Review: Caress Whipped Souffle Ultra Silkening Body Wash in Blackberry Cream

Here’s a secret about me-  I am a body wash freak. If you peeked into my shower right now, you would see 5 different body washes. And 3 of those 5 are from Caress. Their body washes never let me down when it comes to offering a luxurious moisturizing shower experience. From the Evenly Gorgeous to Daily Silk, Caress is doing great things with their body washes. Here’s my review on their latest creation, Whipped Soufflé Ultra Silkening Body Wash.

First things first . . . the smell of the Blackberry Cream scent is divine. It's one of those scents that makes you want to eat the product. It’s fruity without being overpowering and tends to linger for a few hours after a shower. The thick, consistency of the body wash will remind you of your favorite, creamy pudding, which is always a good thing, in my opinion. Check out the pics:

Yes, I put it on my favorite plate because it is just that creamy and yummy-looking. A body wash isn’t worth the money if it’s watery and doesn’t moisturize well. The easy to hold on to shape of the bottle is another bonus. Non-lingering scent aside, Caress Whipped Soufflé does a great job of cleaning and leaving the skin feeling soft smooth to the touch. It's an ideal body wash for anyone with dry skin, I didn't even need lotion after my shower! This body wash did exactly what I needed it to do and priced around $4, it's a cheapalicious steal. It also comes in White Peach Cream (yum!), which I cannot wait to try.

Check out Caress' newly launched Facebook page, for exciting news on all things Caress, and Dance With Caress, where award winning country singer and dancer, Julianne Hough, shows women how to flaunt sexy skin on the dance floor, share beauty secrets to get gorgeous, as well as dance tips.

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Brittany said...

Hmm...I have this bodywash and while I enjoy other Caress products, I find this one to be lacking. The only good thing about it is the consistency. It is very thick. However, the scent isn't very strong and doesn't last long afterward. Its not very moisturizing. And it caused my chest and back to break out and I don't have sensitive skin. Sometimes I wonder about the truthfulness of product reviews whent he product is provided to the blogger.

Niki Cheapskate said...

^^^ I'm sorry the product didn't work out for you, but just because it hasn't, why are you questioning the truthfulness of the blogger? All products aren't going to have the same effect on everyone. Some people skin react differently to different products. Tira was just giving her opinion on her experience with the product, and if it works for her, then it works for her.

Tira said...

Well stated, Niki. What works for some may not work for others. My integrity means everything to me.

Brittany said...

Wow so the other blogger for this site comes on to defend her fellow blogger? How lame is that.
I'm sorry, but products reacting differently to people or not, I'm going to be highly skeptical of a glowing product review for a product that I tried and found lacking.
And for the record, I never questioned Tira's experience. I just made a statement which is a valid thought about blogger reviews.
If Tira wanted to say she values her integrity thats fine, but the back patting is not necessary.

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