Thrift score!: $2 Paper Denim & Cloth jeans

I have good news and bad news.  The good news is that while out thrifting at one of my favorite stores, The Family Thrift Center, I stumbled upon a pair of Paper Denim & Cloth jeans (in good condition, yay!) for a mere $3.99.  Since the 50% off colors of the day were red, green, and white (the tag was green), I only paid $2 for them!

Now for the bad news.... they are a size 27.  Obviously not my size, but I bought them for the sole purpose of reselling them anyway.  I would've love to have kept these for myself if they were my size.  My loss.  Hopefully, I can get something for them.  Click here for my Ebay listing on these.

1 comment:

Iris said...

Even if they aren't your size that's a great find!

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