Tira's Vacation Shopping: The Finale

Overall, I had a great vacation. I was NOT ready to go back to work. I took a trip back home to Cleveland, hung out with my sisters, and some of my good friends. I went to my college roommate's wedding and performed a poem. Of course, I got some shopping done in between. Not too much, but I did score some nice finds. Check it out:

I love shirts with animals on them, so this cheetah top from Target was a no-brainer:

Sidenote: I can't prove it, but I'm almost convinced that Target has changed their sizing. I used to have to wear an XL in their tops, on account of my boobage, but now the L is ok. Maybe I've lost a little weight, but I've mentioned this to a couple of my friends, and they've noticed too.

I noticed a necklace my mother had on her dresser. Begged her for it, and she refused because it was a gift. I went back to Dots to return a blazer, and spied the necklace. She has so many colors, and so many possibilities. Only $8

My favorite find came from Conway's. I used to ALWAYS spy the bright pink bags whenever I came to visit NY, but I never went in until they opened one in Cleveland Heights, OH. I went with my sister and spotted this jacket:

I can't wait for the slightest chill to wear this baby. And only $13. I was going to spend $35 for something similar in J.C. Penney

Last, but not least, I bought this cute maxi dress from Dots to wear to the wedding rehearsal:

I usually shy away from maxi dresses since I'm pretty short (5'4)...but this one is perfect with heels.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous summer full of cheapalicious savings!!


Iris said...

Love the rainbow necklace! Great find :)

Bali villas said...

yess agree the necklace is nice...

kunline said...

I love love love the necklace!! And Thank you for Dots!! You are the best!!!Thanks for the savings!!

Tira said...

Thanks ladies. I'm in LOVE with that necklace. It has so many possibilities.

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