TJ Maxx Shoe Haul

Ok, so technically it's not a haul, because it's only 2 pair. But the 2 pair are so awesome, and I got such a GREAT deal, it's a haul in my book. Check out my deals (click for a larger view):

I scooped these from the TJ Maxx store in New York on 18th Street...for this to be such a HUGE store, it is very well maintained. AND...A Marshall's store is being built downstairs next to the Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Madden Girl, Rightous Pump $24.99

These are officially my new black pumps! Seriously, I tossed out another pair of black pumps because these were uber-comfy. I wore them to a wedding last week, and didn't have to slide them off under the dinner table. Annnnd...the insole is padded.

BCBGeneration, $39.99

This shoe was a steal! I've been looking for a pump this color and I was too happy when I spied these babies. The last pair in my size, which means they were meant for me. They are surprisingly SUPER easy to walk in. They are suede, which means I'll be carrying plastic bags in my purse every single I wear them.


Jen said...

Nice haul! I had my eye on the BCBG's at my local Marshall's, but when I finally went to buy them they were gone :/

Tira said...

I hate when that happens! I debated with those shoes for about 45 minutes. I walked around in them, and it was over. They were the very last pair. :)

Krissy said...

I've been looking for that EXACT pair of BCBG pumps everywhere!! Do you know the specific name of them? Maybe I can find them on ebay or something...