Weekend finds: Under $10 Labor Day weekend finds

Here are a few items that I found yesterday while taking a lovely stroll through the mall and Wally World. There were sales galore, but I was trying not to spend too much.  Everything was under $10 a piece, so I ended up spending a little under $50.

(l)-(r) Allen B necklace top $5.97; She Said satin tunic $4.97 (this tunic is actually a tad darker brown than what it appears to be in the pic). Scored these off of JC Penney's "Red Zone" clearance racks.  I didn't find much because everything was picked over, but at least I've found something that I liked.

My husband wanted the new Rick Ross cd, so we popped into FYE to get it.  Near the register, I noticed that all of their sunglasses were on sale for $2!  Of course, I grabbed a couple of pairs.  There were so many cute styles to choose from, but I made two my limit.

army green top $10, Wet Seal.  I've been looking for an army green camp shirt for a while now, and I thought I've hit the jackpot when I found this one yesterday from Wet Seal.  I bought it without trying it on, and now I'm thinking about returning it.  It fits fine, so maybe I need to play around around with different pieces in my closet before I decide to return it.

Miley Cyrus knit blazer $10 (it's now $8 online), Walmart.  This isn't really a blazer to me.  It's more of a lightweight sweater with the look of a blazer.  I bought this in black, also, but for some reason the black one hangs better on my body than the white one.  Its weird.  I think I may end up returning this one.


beadgirl said...

i am not a frequent commenter but i watch your blog daily.those are lovely finds.
you should try the drew barrymore look you posted a week ago. the green shirt, t shirt and sunglasses you bought are perfect for this. i hope you need not have to return the green top.

post a pic if you try it.

Niki Cheapskate said...

^^^hey, that sounds like a really good idea! i think i would do a different shirt underneath though. thanks!

Sandra said...

I do like the Miley Cyrus "blazer". I tend to skip over her clothes at Wally World--because I'm a woman of a certain age; but I would definitely wear this.

budget chic said...

Niki you got some good deals. I was too broke to get anything this weekend. Marshalls had a $1.00 sale on all their flat thong and flat open-toe sandals. I heard as it approached closing hours they marked them down again to $0.30 though I don't know what was left by that time. This lady had 2 shopping carts full of shoes!

Niki Cheapskate said...

^^^ wow, $1 for sandals! i wonder if my local store had them on sale. i rarely go to marshalls, though

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