Goodwill hunting: Shopping the new Arbor Towne Square store

On Friday,  I took a drive over to the new Goodwill store that opened up on Thursday.  My original plan was to go on Saturday, but I knew it was going to be crazy busy, especially the first weekend of a grand opening.  I'm glad that I popped in when I did because the store was not that busy.  It was pretty quite and pleasant- perfect thrifting atmosphere for me.  Since this store just opened, they weren't having any 50% off promotions (every week, certain color tags are 50% off), but that's okay, I still walked away with some great deals.

Baby Phat Girlz top $3.49.  I bought this top for my 8 year old niece, but my original plan wasn't to give it to her- I was going to keep it for myself.  Let me explain.  When I saw it on the mannequin, I loved the print so much,that I just had to try it on. I didn't pay attention to how small it looked, I wanted it. When I got into the fitting room, it was a different story.  The tag says XL, so  I couldn't understand why a "women's" XL didn't fit me.  I double checked the tag again to make sure that I'd read it right and sure enough it was an XL- in girls.  Fail.  So yeah, this top is going to my niece.  I'm sure she'll love it.

plaid tunic/ dress $4.99.  

Seven7 jeans $5.99.  These fit really nice and their in really good shape- practically new!

chambray tunic $3.99

Dolce and Gabbana (?) silk tartan skirt/ dress $3.49.  I'm not sure if this is a skirt or a dress, but I found it on the skirt rack, but it looks like a sleeveless dress.  I'm not sure if this is an authentic D&G piece either.  With so many fakes out there, you can never tell anymore.  To all my fashionistas out there that can spot an authentic piece, is this real?

blouse $3.49.  Just another top for work.  I will belt it to give it some shape because it kind of baggy.  I like the slight puffiness of the sleeves and the print.

sandals $4.99

Total damage was a little over $32.  Not bad, and I will definitely shop this store again.  To all of my 239 area  readers, have you shopped this new Goodwill store yet?  What did you buy?


Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

I think the D&G skirt is a faux, they use european sizing for tags. :) But it's still cute!

Niki Cheapskate said...

^^^thanks megan. i now remember reading somewhere that they use european sizing, but it didn't click in my head at the time.

Budget Chic said...

Nice haul, you racked up!!

GoodwillSWFL said...

Glad you got some good finds! Thanks for visiting!

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