Lunchbreak shopping: How I scored $23 worth of Wet N Wild cosmetics for a little over $7!

A few days ago, I drove over to my local Walgreens to take advantage of the Wet N' Wild cosmetics 50% off sale. Without the sale and coupons, all of these items would've cost me about $23, but I only paid a little over $7 for them. How? Let me break it down for you...

Idol Eyes Creme Shadow Pencil in "Pixie" $0.99 (retail $1.99).

MegaLast Long Wear Lip Color in "Mochalicious" and "Cherry Bomb" $1.49 each (retail $2.99 each). The Mochalicious color is actually more brown in real life (I don't know why my camera is picking it up as more pink. Sorry).

Craze eyeshadow duos in "Tequila Sunrise" and "Eye Bruise Easily" $0.99 each (retail $1.99 each). I think these are limited edition eyeshadow duos. They were in a display by themselves (with other colors), and I don't think they're part of a core collection. I could be wrong...

ColorIcon eyeshadow singles in "Penny", "Nutty", "Lagoon" , and "Envy" $0.99 each (retail $1.99 each)

ColorIcon bronzer in "Princess" $1.49 (retail $2.99)

The price of everything came to $11.40. I then used a $5 off $10 Wet n' Wild cosmetics coupon from the September issue of All You Magazine, and that brought my total down to $6.40. Add $0.69 for tax, and my total purchase was $7.09!

Have you bought any Wet n' Wild products at this week's Walgreens sale?


Kizzy said...

That's a steal! Wish I would have known about that coupon a few days ago (that's when I did my Wet n Wild hauling).


Melany said...

You got some great deals! Wet N Wild is one of my favorite brands.

I have the ColorIcon shadows in "Nutty" & "Envy" & I absolutely love them!

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